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Our Services

Please take a moment to review our extensive list of landscape services we offer. While this list contains some of our most popular services, dont hesitate to contact us if there is a service you are in need of but isnt listed here. Check back for updates!

Landscape Design & Construction

From inception to completion, we are with you the entire time. Your landscape enhancement experience is done totally in house. We meet with our clients, listen to their needs, digest the information and propose a solution that best fits the site and overall desire.
Services Provided: Custom Hand Drawn & Colored Landscape Design, Patios & Walkways with Pavers or Bluestone, Bluestone or Pre-Cast Steps, Boulder Walls, Dry Stacked Stone Walls, Seed & Sod Lawns, Drainage Solutions, Belgium Block Curbing, Custom Firepits, Custom Planting Design, Decorative Stone Installation.

Landscape Management

Search no further for the most professional, complete and comprehensive option for your landscapes seasonal needs. By providing timely, dependable and detail oriented service, rest assured your commercial or residential property will be the envy of the neighborhood week after week.
Services Provided: Lawn Maintenance, Seasonal Cleanups, Ornamental Selective Pruning, Shrub Trimming, Leaf Vacuum Service, Plant Bed Weed Control, Mulch Installation, Storm Cleanup.

Weekly Maintenance Visits

Think of our weekly lawn maintenance visits as a curb appeal refresher. This is not a run-of-the-mill cut and blow landscape company. Each week your lawn will be cut at the proper height based on weather conditions, all perimeters and lawn obstacles line trimmed around, paved and entertainment areas blown off, planting beds briefly checked for weeds and storm debris picked up.

Seasonal Cleanups

We take great pride in providing high quality spring and fall cleanup services. For both seasons your planting beds and lawn areas will be thoroughly cleaned up and detailed, we leave no area of your landscape unattended.

Decorative Mulch

While decorative stone and mulch adds beauty to the landscape, fresh mulch applications are very functional as well. Mulch suppresses weed growth, keeps moisture in the soil, insulates root zones, provides erosion control and much more. We offer a wide range of mulch material options for your garden beds.

Lawn Renovation

Our staff has been trained in the latest research for the most effective ways to establish or renovate turf areas. Often the solution is NOT spreading large amounts of topsoil over compacted, existing soil. Give us a call for a free consultation.

Custom Planting Design

Planting design is considered our specialty. Vincent is very enthusiastic about working with lots of different plant material and has had extensive classroom education on plant identification and plant science. Whether you need a foundation planting or a naturalized garden, rest assured your landscape will stand apart from your neighbors.

Drainage Solutions

Excessive moisture and water ponding near the home can lead to a messy situation as well as health problems. There are many ways to remediate drainage issues and we are happy to educate our clients in the many different options you have.

Outdoor Living

Take the party outside! Extend your home’s entertainment potential with outdoor areas that are inviting and relaxing. We can help design and build your new patio with bluestone or precast pavers and installation techniques that will last a lifetime.

Other Contracted Services

Extended Services we offer that benefit commercial and residential property owners:
Services Provided: Excavating & Grading, Catch Basin Repair, Stump Removal, Utility Trenching and Test Holes, Debris Removal, Commercial Snow and Ice Management.

Snow and Ice Management

Severe winter storms are not to be taken lightly. All too often property owners and homeowners alike are overwhelmed by heavy snow events or dangerous ice storms through the winter seasons. We are fully equipped to keep your home or small business safe and passable before, during and after a winter storm. We are snow contractor that can provide snow plowing/stacking, side walk clearing and De/ Anti-Icing operations 24/7.